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Administering Your Ideas

To provide clients with highest quality service for the sake of their ideas

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Product Design

Your Idea. We materialize it from scratch. Starting with just an idea some function or Your abstracted thought,, we provide all stages, including prototyping, all stages feasibility calculations and production proofing.

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We provide variety of technologies and capabilities, whether You want one-off product just to stand out or the idea is for mass production, or a global sales network - our net of contacts and cooperating companies will make it possible!

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Other Services

We also provide more traditional consultancy services, but unlike most polish IT based companies we are confident with Mechanical, Design Engineering, we have a proven track of New Technologies - Master Data Management as well as BPM especially mapping internal processes and finding new solutions, without much of interference with company integrity.

Featured Ideas

Some of the Ideas we worked on

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Form and Function

Project with polish medical companies, a very nice example of connecting problem solving with style - worlds thinnest footswitch for medical appliances with great form

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Master Data Business

A high quality valued Master Data Management and data migration as managed off shoring project with scandinavian company. Ongoing project celebrating 3 Years....

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A great journey having to work on ready operating prototypes and getting them to production stage, with all the international standards and requirements as well as driving production cost to the right levels

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Our Secret Weapon

New project starting with IdeaOfSound.com . We are thrilled to put our expertise in working with sound - usually with killing it for medical or automotive industry now to create a solid and beautiful housing for it to breed and spread. Check it Youself

News or what do we do now

We work with customers and grow their business, sadly usually with Non Disclosure Agreement ;)

May 1, 2017 No Comments

Technology and Engineering:

Independent design from concept through 3D modeling and computer simulations,prototyping, testing, until the certification (CE and I SO) and the implementation into production. (including seat belts)  Comprehensive design of castings,injection and extruded molds including the preparation and implementation of exemplars. Creating metal casting matrixes andinjection dies for plastics.  Creating I SO and homologation procedures for design department at the factory approval (obtained homologation certificate for vehicle factory- approval conducted bythe Italian branch of DEKRA)  Creation of documentation and computer analysis of components, assemblies and mechanisms in Nx4/Nx6 UG(UniGraphic) and ProEngineer  Fulldesign works, from the identification of project requirements, through collaboration with graphic artists, prototyping to product […]

February 23, 2015 No Comments

Nearshoring in Poland

If focus is on easy access, cultural and intellectual compatibility, agility, flexibility, effortless integration, quality and scalability then Warsaw is the place to enforce technical, especially IT departments for a client located in Northern Europe. The off shore process can be much more “light weight” than in traditional off shore locations with less formal processes and administrative burdens being needed to ensure success, thus making off shoring more effortless and with less strains on the existing organization. Nearshoring in Warsaw should result in fast and substantial cost reductions without creating negative impact on the pace and processes of the business. One might find other locations slightly cheaper, but nowhere within […]