About Ministry of Idea

Ministry of Idea is a small independent consultancy company headquartered in Warsaw.

The whole idea was set at first in 2011 when, during work for General Electric, first private consultancy contracts started, resulting in participation in Red Dot Design Award winner project in 2011 and then obtaining Red Dot Design Award in 2012 for 100% owned engineering project. The company Ministry of Idea was established in 2014 for the purpose of delivery consultancy services to A/P Moeller / Maersk Supply Services, via ProData consult contract.

Ministry of Idea has enjoyed small expansion over the years and has delivered positive technical and certification consultancy input to few polish based production companies.

Ministry of Idea motto: “Administering Your ideas”

As we take our motto very seriously we offer all around care of the clients idea, starting from possibilities assessment, planing paths of idea/product developement, thru modelling, prototyping with our own chain of production companies, to certification, homologation and up to production planning and management.

Ministry of Idea purpose: “To provide clients with highest quality service for the sake of their ideas”

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Administering Your Ideas